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A problem-obsessed venture studio

Find real problems, validate products, then rapidly build companies to give them a much greater chance for success.

“If I had 20 days to solve a problem,
I would take 19 days to define it.

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Albert Einstein

We fund promising companies and find incredible founders

Our studio works in quarterly cycles to move from problem definition to MVP product launch every 180 days. With our inaugural $10MM fund, we will launch 6+ ventures.

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Typical startups

Depend on finding funding and building a team around a founder with a solution. Even great ideas often don’t make it out of this precarious situation.

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Our venture studio approach

Focuses on finding and validating a problem and market opportunity, then launching a company with proper funding from the get go. While building, we attract top-level founders and surround them with the entire team needed to grow startups into big successes.

How we do it

Rapidly move from clear opportunity to first customers

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Discover problems worth solving in a targeted vertical

We find the biggest problems and opportunities by way of an immersive human centered discovery process.

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Begin with an entire innovation team

Instead of building a team from scratch each time, we start with the full team of experts needed to discover, build, launch, and grow.

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Build and validate rapidly

With the complete in-house team, quickly building and validating is possible and reduces cost of a startup and de-risks ideas.

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Attract talented co-founders

19days gets the train moving, and then we attract co-founders who are ideally suited to take the company to the next level.

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Founders take ownership of a funded company

Instead of spending time looking for capital, founders work on securing new customers by building things they need.

We’re always looking for our next co-founder

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19days was born out of Gitwit, a full-service innovation agency founded over a decade ago by two of the 19days partners.

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